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Current TS3 Icons Empty Current TS3 Icons

Post by Blink on Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:52 am


DoA God - 8/8 roles with sub 40 screenshots.

I Can Tank- 2/2 roles with sub 40 minute runs

Mesmerizing- all 4 mesmer roles sub 40 minute runs

Kind of a Big Heal - sub 40 minute run as UA

Pro Emo - Sub 40 with screenshot

Hero - Save a DoA run. be the last person alive and save the run


UW God - 8/8 roles with sub 35 minute runs


FoW God - All 8 roles SUB 15 (T4 Way)


Froggy!!! - Screenshot of a Frog Scepter assigned to you from Bogroots chest.

BDS!!! - Screenshot of a BDS assigned to you from a SooSC

Emerald!!! - Screenshot of an Emerald Blade assigned to you from KathSC

Dungeon God - All 3 of the above screenshots


Jesus take The Wheel! - Say jesus take the wheel on teamspeak when shit gets real!

Have a Cookie - Impress Blink in DoA

Veteran - 10k Hours Played

Goodbye Horses - you HAVE to sing the second verse if any member of the Goodbye Horses Movement sings the first verse, failure to do so will be removal from group


Screenshots must be provided on forums to get the TS3 icons or through Blink, i want them to hold value! So make a thread with your IGN and start collecting the TS3 icons.

More coming soon......

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