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Gaby's apply Empty Gaby's apply

Post by Rafalgab on Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:11 am

1. What is your main IGN?
O Ren Ishi O

2. Timezone?
GMT +1

3. Are you able to download Teamspeak 3 and do you have a working mic?
i already have ts3 with a mic

4. List all of your characters IGN and professions

5. What characters are you able to use in DoA? We have a minimum requirement of 2 (Tank Assassin/Mesmer Spiker/Monk UA/Ele Emo)

6. What experience do you have in DoA?
I Was in some DoAsc guilds, and i've done so many runs as recall, vor, ( keysig in the beginning of doasc ), emo and i played as main tank 2 times then i'm not very xp but i didn't fail. i have more than 350K lightning points on my mesmer.without take any quests

7. What other areas are you experienced in besides DoA (UW/FoW/Dungeons/Urgoz/Deep)
i do a lot of solo frostmaw, and soo bog kath rrag. I played with the "one" spyker and LT as sin and mesmer in uw and in fow, i have done 14 minutes 4 men.

8. Does your mesmer have r5 Asura rank?
my mes have all the eotn ranks 5+

9. Please list your previous guilds and give reasons for leaving.
my first guild was Leon, french doa guild wich disban,
second was "hump" a good doasc guild whith wich i played a lot with pRma and 7men. They disbanned cause of one of their officer said some bullshit about gm. I was officer too.
third is probably "one" ( the current daWn ), a french SC guild where i was officer, but i leave for GW2.

10. Do you know anyone in our guild?
I don't know anyone in your guild but I know a lot of ppl in your ally : i know gm and all the officer of REV, some ppl in senT, and gm and officer of daWn are friends of mine.

11. How many hours a day do you play?
in hollidays ( now ) i play all the day and night, when i go college it's something like 3 or 4 hours a day.

12. What is your total hours played /age?
2230 hours on my first account and 1734 on my current account

13. Give us 3 interesting facts about you
i've done 14 minutes 4men fowsc as vos and 15 as mt
i've done 19 minutes Uwsc with One as lt
i've done 24 minutes Doasc with hump as recall


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Gaby's apply Empty Re: Gaby's apply

Post by ninja on Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:40 am

we we will set u up for a trial and c how things go


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