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Post by Doom on Tue Jul 08, 2014 1:48 pm

1. What is your main IGN?
my main ign is Pedro Tuga but people used to call me Doom or Dooma

2. Timezone?

3. Are you able to download Teamspeak 3 and do you have a working mic?
Already have TS3 and yes i have a working mic

4. List all of your characters IGN and professions
Doom Assassino - Assassin
Dooma Magician - Mesmer
Dooma Of Elements - Elementalist
Dooma Of My Life - Monk
Mariana Dervish - Dervish
Pedro Tuga - Ranger

5. What characters are you able to use in DoA? We have a minimum requirement of 2 (Tank Assassin/Mesmer Spiker/Monk UA/Ele Emo)
atm i have my mesmer and monk there (ranger is there too), however my ele and my sin are at the desolation so i can put them there really fast

6. What experience do you have in DoA?
i think i'm pretty exp in trenchway, however my last guild dont do the 6-0 at veil only the 3-3 so i think i need training there but i already saw videos and it seems that is not very hard, i need some practice with monk too. The roles i'm more exp and my favourite one is TK.

7. What other areas are you experienced in besides DoA (UW/FoW/Dungeons/Urgoz/Deep)
I can do UW and Fow aswell and used to do a lot of dungSC when i was in YaWn (soo, kath, fmaw, oolas, rragars, ...) the urgoz and deep i did only one, two or three times, i'm not very exp in there.

8. Does your mesmer have r5 Asura rank?
yes, its r7 atm

9. Please list your previous guilds and give reasons for leaving.
Atm i'm in Loa, i really like the guild but i think i cant improve there because its not very active and it as a lot of new players that never did doa, that's why i'm apply to DoA because i think i will improve and become a better player. I think the most important guild i was was in YaWn, the leader was Barbie but people all leaved to others guild and it "died"

10. Do you know anyone in our guild?
I think no, but i know somepeople from your ally

11. How many hours a day do you play?
the school ended so in the holidays i play betwen 5 to 10 hours, it depends the days, but i'm very active

12. What is your total hours played /age?
2128 hours / 73 months

13. Give us 3 interesting facts about you
Well i'm a 18 years old portuguese guy who want have fun playing this game, the sc is the thing i like most to do. i'm very friendly and i will do my best do help everyone, i put the others in front of me everytime.
about my personal life i finished school and i'm trying to enter air force because its my dream job.

Thank you very much, i'll wait the answer


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