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Post by Deion1 on Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:33 pm

1. What is your main IGN?
Camille Doom
2. Timezone?
Hawaii timezone ? O.O
3. Are you able to download Teamspeak 3 and do you have a working mic?
Yas and yas
4. List all of your characters IGN and professions
Camille Doom (Assassin)
Angry Carebear (mesmer)
Mochi Panda (Ritualist)
Numix Nightstalker (warrior)
Here to pwn u Noobs (monk) -(forgive the name!! this was a while ago eep)
Remains of I Doom X (Ele)
Tyriras Princess (Nec)
Choral Scareblade (Derv)
5. What characters are you able to use in DoA? We have a minimum requirement of 2 (Tank Assassin/Mesmer Spiker/Monk UA/Ele Emo)
My Assassin, mesmer, monk, and ele are able to DoA.
6. What experience do you have in DoA?
I have some experience doing runs with some small SC guilds as well as doing pug runs or being invited by some of my friends. Most of my experience comes from the mesmer. I played Caller and TK before. I also have some experience with UA & EMO. I will be honest though I'm not 100% updated with any new methods or tactics that have come up because its been a while since I have done DoA.
7. What other areas are you experienced in besides DoA (UW/FoW/Dungeons/Urgoz/Deep)
FoWSC- MT, UA, EoE, T1,t2, VoS/100b,  
UWSC-  LT, Emo, spiker
8. Does your mesmer have r5 Asura rank?
9. Please list your previous guilds and give reasons for leaving.
I haven't been in a steady guild in a while and I can't recall any previous guilds..
10. Do you know anyone in our guild?
No Sad
11. How many hours a day do you play?
I just got back from a long hiatus with the game Sad.. I really miss it, but i'm guessing around 2-3 hours.
12. What is your total hours played /age?
5,868 hours over the past 93 months
13. Give us 3 interesting facts about you

I am a guy...sometimes people in game think i'm a girl because of my characters and their name.. and sometimes my personality i guess
I'm an avid TV show fan...Currently Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black are my favorite shows...Although I finished watching the season finale for both of them -.-
I just graduated high school this year.... I was really busy during the school so I took a break from playing games. I'm really hoping to get back into SC'ing because I truly miss them and enjoy them Smile!


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Deion's Application Empty Re: Deion's Application

Post by rexxar the baws on Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:17 am

Looks exp enough pm me in game Rexxar The Sacred

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